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Sermons, Messages, Podcasts

Danny Martin, The Master's Church of Bucks County, Richboro PA

Kurt Gebhards, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA

John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA

Joe Keller, The Master's College (now University), Santa Clarita CA

by Wrath and Grace

Chris Mueller, Teaching Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Murrieta, CA

Redeeming Singleness

by Barry Danylak

Not Yet Married

by Marshall Segal

*We do not endorse Sam Allberry and his book 7 Myths About Singleness due to his views on same-sex attraction. Learn why they are concerning from ACBC and Alpha-Omega Ministries.

The Gospel and the Christian Faith
The Gospel and the Christian Faith
Basic Christianity

by John Stott

A Body of Divinity

by Thomas Watson

A Gospel Primer

by Milton Vincent

Who Can Be Right With God? Pt 1 & Pt 2

by John MacArthur

Biblical Doctrine/Essential Church Doctrine
High King of Heaven
You're Not Enough (And That's Okay)

by Allie Beth Stuckey

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

by Carl Trueman

The Holiness of God

by R.C. Sproul

The Discipline of Grace

by Jerry Bridges

Passions of the Heart

by John Street

Passion and Purity

by Elisabeth Elliot

Godly Habits
Godly Habits
The Expulsive Power of a New Affection

by Thomas Chalmers

Disciplines of a Godly Man

by Kent Hughes

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

by Barbara Hughes

Local Church
Local Church
31 Ways to be a One Another Christian

by Stuart Scott

The Master's Plan for the Church

by John MacArthur

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

by Paul David Tripp

Men and Women in the Church

by Kevin DeYoung

Spiritual Children
Spiritual Children
The Master Plan of Evangelism

by Robert Coleman

Joyful Contentment
Joyful Contentment

Dial in Ministries with Jonny Ardavanis

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

by Jeremiah Burroughs

Trusting God, Even When Life Hurts

by Jerry Bridges

For the Girls
For the Girls

A podcast aimed at Christian single women to explore practical topics.

Rebecca Finster, Cornerstone Bible Church

Lisa LaGeorge, Grace Community Church

Let Me be a Woman

by Elisabeth Elliot

For the Guys
For the Guys

Grace Community Church

Thoughts for Young Men

by J.C. Ryle

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